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The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce provides a very robust, complimentary BidMatch service for USWCC | Supplier Members.*

Our BidMatch system monitors a wide range of federal, state, local and international government bid opportunities – providing relevant, detailed information on bids matching your company’s offerings at your personal BidMatch web portal, or via email directly to your inbox. The BidMatch service is an essential tool for any company seeking government contracts.

opportunity sources

Opportunity sources included in our BidMatch system are:

  • State & Local Governments: Bid opportunities from city, county, and state agencies across the United States. To populate this proprietary database, our Internet Research Team monitors hundreds of procurement Web sites daily.
  • Federal FedBizOpps: FedBizOpps is the Internet entry point for all federal bids over $25,000. We access all bids published in the FedBizOpps.
  • DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Bids: Considered small purchases – contains T-, Q-, R-, and X-bid opportunities retrieved daily from DIBBS-BSM (the DLA Internet Bid Board System)
  • Other Federal Purchases: This database contains federal contract opportunities that aren’t included in our other databases. Key sources for this database include electronic bulletin boards and Web sites hosted by federal agencies such as TACOM, NASA, and the FAA.
  • Blue Tops: Blue Tops are DoD press releases issued for contract awards valued at $5M or more, providing you with excellent up-to-date information on potential subcontracting opportunities.
  • International Bids: Our international database includes international agricultural leads, bids from our Foreign Trade Opportunities (FTO) database, as well as opportunities from embassies and consulates around the world. In addition, it contains bid opportunities from MERX, the Canadian equivalent of the FedBizOpps database.

is your firm eligible?

The Bid Match system is provided as a complimentary service for USWCC | Supplier Members. The chamber charges a one-time $110 set-up fee.

*BidMatch is provided directly by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Go here for details.

is my firm eligible?

All USWCC | Supplier Level Members are eligible for the BidMatch program.

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Margot Dorfman
CEO, U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce

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